Internal Use Tabs

The top navigation pane is where you will store your internal documentation.

Resources section is meant to store your technicians best practice documents, how-to guides, and any other documentation that’s shared between all users

To learn more about the Resources Section, check out our tutorial video here!

Services essentially eliminates the need to create your own company with in SyncMonkey as you are able to utilize this tab for shared accounts where you do not have individual accounts for each staff member (Example – Meraki).

Vendors section is your 3rd party phonebook

To learn more about both the Services and Vendors  Section, check out our tutorial video here!

Meetings, instead of keeping a OneNote file or tracking meetings in individual word doc’s you can easily be kept in one secure space.

Accounting tab allows you to import your PSA’s invoices and run credit cards for your customers against the invoices.

Lastly, the HR module helps you keep track of your employees within the secure environment.

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