Customized Data Models

To cater to each MSPs unique business needs, SyncMonkey now allows users to create their own custom data models so they can store information exactly how they need. The steps to create your own data model goes as followed: 1) On your top right profile icon, go to Company Settings […]

NEW Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery is a new built-in tab within individual client profiles under the “companies” section, that allows users to upload and view photos easily in a gallery view. Information for each individual photo is edited with these functions: Name Notes Delete  

Improved Information View

When clicking on an entry for any asset type like a document, device, employee or software license, a revised pop-up card will appear containing more detailed information like names, password, etc. Related entries has also gotten a major improvement, because now users link any asset type with each other. Related […]

NEW Password Vault

The Password Vault is a new pre-built tab within each induvial client profile in the “companies” section. Rather than having to go to a specific device or asset to see what the login credentials are, users can just search all passwords for one specific client in one centralized tab. Additionally, […]

Improved Search Functionality

Searching for specific documents and assets is now even more intuitive with our new system update. These new features include: 1) Direct link to searched entry When users look up a specific company, document, etc. within the main dashboard search bar, clicking on a specific search query will take users […]

Import Vault

Import your client list via CSV excel file from other platforms (example ITGlue), into SyncMonkey with our customizable mapping tool. This will allow you to seamlessly transfer over essential client information into SyncMonkey and organize it accordingly to the platform. When in the “companies” section tab, click on the 3 […]

OTP – Password Sharing

OTP password sharing allows you to store MFA codes right in SyncMonkey giving your technicians the ability to efficiently secure and access your client’s cloud accounts. The feature is available in the Other Services section and Employee section. The configuration can be set with a manual entry or from a […]

Meeting Module

The SyncMonkey meeting module allows you to organize and streamline all your internal meetings, whether they be daily huddles or brainstorming sessions. Ensure that your team knows all the details from meeting times to deliverables. Once a meeting is set, all attendees are notified on the start/end times and are […]