Accounting Module

The accounting module allows you to manage customer payments right from SyncMonkey.  This requires both an invoice source integration and a payment gateway integration.

Current supported invoice sources:

  • ConnectWise Manage

Current supported payment gateways:

  • Moneris

Once the invoice source and the payment gateway are installed and set-up, you will be able to see your customer’s invoices in the Accounting page and set up billing cycles to charge them accordingly through the payment gateway

To get to the Accounting page, click ACCOUNTING at the top menu. This page gives you an overview of your accounts and their billing cycles. In this page you can perform the following actions:

Add accounts, edit account and delete accounts.

Add a new account

At the top right click the “ADD NEW” button.

In the Add account page complete the following fields:

  • Company – From the drop-down menu, select the customer company you wish to add
  • Vault ID – Enter the corresponding Moneris vault id
  • Enter the credit card details you wish to keep on file in the card number and expiration date fields
  • Payment Charge Day – Enter the day of the month for the charge day (if setting up a recurring monthly payment)
  • Payment type – Select weather to setup a recurring or manual payment
  • Payment gateway type – Select the payment gateway integration to be used
  • Payment frequency type – Select whether to set up a monthly or annual billing cycle

Click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

How to edit an account

In the Accounting page accounting table, click the pencil icon in the corresponding line of the account you wish to add.

The “Edit “Account” page has the same field as new account.

How to delete a company

In the Accounting page accounting table, tick-off the checkbox or boxes in the corresponding line of the account or accounts you wish to delete.

At the top right click, the three dots icon “More” button and select “Delete Selected Rows”.

How to generate a payment report

In the Accounting page, at the top right click the “REPORT” button.

At the top of the Accounting Report page, select the date range for the report and click the “Search” button.

This will generate a report of payments processed within the time period selected.

How to view invoices and process manual payments for a specific customer

In the Accounting page accounting table, under the Customer column, click the name of the company you wish to view.

The Customer Accounting Details page has three sections. At the top left you will see the customer’s current balance. Next to that on the right, displayed are the credit card and payment cycle info that were setup in the accounting page.

At the main section of the page you will see the invoice details table. For each invoice you can see the Invoice Number, Status, Total, Balance, Due Date, Type and email.

If there is a credit card icon on the right side of the table for a specific open invoice, clicking it will process the payment through the selected payment gateway for the client.

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