ConnectWise Manage Integration

SyncMonkey has a built-in extension that allows you to 2-way sync ConnectWise Manage companies for documentation and billing.


To setup the sync, first gather the following information from your ConnectWise tenant:

  1. Company ID – The company ID you use to sign into CW-Manage
  2. Host URL – The URL you use to sign into CW-Manage with the version release such as:
  3. Public and private key – you will need to create a new API member in CW-Manage. In CW-Manage go to System > Members > API Members > Click the + sign to create a new API member:
  4. Enter the member ID (such as “syncmonkey”).
  5. Choose the correct time zone
  6. Enter a member name such as “SyncMonkey”
  7. Give the member a role of Admin
  8. Select the appropriate location, access level, department, and default territory
  9. Click Save, and go back to the member list screen, then go back into the API member and go to the “API Keys” tab.
  10. Click the + sign to create a new API key.
  11. Enter a key description such as “syncmonkeyapi” and click Save.
  12. Copy the Public and Private keys, as they will be required in syncmonkey. Note: the private key will never appear again in CW-Manage so make sure to save it.
  13. Return to SyncMonkey and Enter the Private and Public keys
  14. Client ID – Enter the Client ID from ConnectWise developer portal
  15. Sync Status – Select whether the sync will be active or paused.

Data Administration

To test and manage the sync go to User Profile (top right corner) > Company Settings > Data Administration > ConnectWise Sync

This page will load your company list from CW-Manage and allow you to choose which company to sync into SyncMonkey

It is important to note that depending on the size of the data it might take a few minutes to load this page initially.

Also, important to note is that this is a two-way-sync, meaning any changes made in either SyncMonkey or CW-Manage will reflect in the other system.

To sync a company from ConnectWise, simply check the checkbox in the appropriate line, then click the down arrow at the top right and select Sync. A progress report will be displayed on the screen showing how many companies synced or failed to sync.

Once sync is complete, click the Companies link at the top menu to view the imported information.

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